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Sports betting - This fast-growing industry involves placing bets on the most important sports and waiting to see if the result will match your prediction and thus you will receive winnings.

Bets are typically placed on sports such as football, American football, hockey, track cycling, basketball, baseball, boxing and other events such as horse racing, greyhound racing, reality shows and political elections.

E-sports – this is a form of competition with video games, most often multiplayer video game competitions are held between professional players.

The participants play either individually or as teams. Competitions have long been part of video game culture, but for the most part they took place between amateurs, until the end of 2000, when professional gamers began to stream each other live in action, and the titles began to gain popularity significantly.

Fantasy Sports/Fantasy Leagues - Online games involving imaginary or virtual teams of real players participating in a professional sport are called fantasy sports or fantasy leagues. They compete on the basis of the performance of players in real  casino games.


This is converted into points, which are added according to a list chosen by the managers of the fantasy teams.

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